Artist: Corrie Wille  
Exhibition: Nothing Really Matters
Media: Ceramic, coils, clay, slip
Gallery: LBSU School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: working on it
Instagram: @veryverybugsoda

During this week I met artist Corrie Wille who is currently an undergraduate at CSULB. She is part of the school’s Ceramics bachelors of arts program and she plans on going to graduate school once she obtains her bachelors to be able to teach or sell her pieces one day. During our conversation she mentioned that the exhibition “Nothing Really Matters” was actually her first exhibition ever in which she decided to combine her interest in music and sculptures. Most of the art reflected a mix of music that was heard during the 1960’s like rock and many others.

To begin with, Corrie’s exhibition was made up of mainly ceramic pieces. She included slip, coils as well as clay which were all so colorful . She chose very vibrant colors which were actually the reason why I was attracted to her exhibition because her art appeared to send out a very loud message. Her ceramic pieces all coordinated because she used some of the same colors repeatedly which tied the whole exhibition together. There appeared to be small pieces of clay on the walls but once you came up close to them you were able to read the hidden quotes which they formed that were either song lyrics or parts of different poems. The exhibition was placed in a black room which made every piece and all the colors stand out and make it look as if it was actually all an illusion which tied to the name and purpose of Corrie’s art pieces.

In addition, as I spoke to Corrie about what inspired her to create such a colorful exhibition she mentioned that her interest in 1960’s music and culture was she used as motivation to create the theme. She combined her interest in both music and ceramic sculptures to reflect on the topic of mental health and depression. She used a lot of color to represent the sadness people feel but never really show on the outside. The words portrayed in her exhibition are actually song lyrics and part of poems. Some of the music artists from which she was inspired were Queen, Pink Floyd, and Lost Animals. Another thing that she mentioned inspired the flow of colors in this exhibition are rock music covers because they were so colorful and fun even though the music represented something much more harsh.

In conclusion, I really liked Corrie Wille’s exhibition “Nothing Really Matters” because it sent out a very unique message about feelings that are unspoken about like sadness since we don’t like to be questioned about it a lot of the time so we decide to keep it to ourselves. Her ceramic pieces were also very well put together and as a whole created a very interesting almost dark and vibrant at the same time illusion. Her interest for ceramic sculptures and music was very well represented throughout her art work because you could see how both tied together in this exhibition very well and I think that is what I liked the most. Overall, I consider Corrie a very talented artist with a very unique and different style which I enjoyed a lot.