Artist: Talin Tanielian
Exhibition: JINJA
Media: Films, art prints
Gallery: LBSU School of Art, Marylin Werby Gallery  
Website: working on it

One lonely cold night a fox named Mango woke up in the middle of the lonely woods. He could not remember what had happened or why he had woken up there. He felt his stomach growl and decided to find something to eat. His favorite food were mangos which is why his mother had given him that name at birth. He was a unique mangotarian fox and all the other foxes made fun of him for that. Mango never participated in the hunt that the leader of his tribe whom was also his father led. Instead he usually stayed behind with his mother as she was the only one who accepted him for who he was. She promised to protect Mango at all costs as he seemed fragile and too weak to look after himself. Mango had never been out in the woods by himself which is why he was afraid but eating always cheered him up and made him forget about his fears.

However, this time he could not find any sign of food anywhere near where he had woken up. Mango’s eyes started to water as the woods were very cold and dark that he could not see anything. He started crying out for his mother but all he could hear in return was his own eco in the big lonesome woods. He walked for three hours straight without any clue as to where he was heading. Until suddenly a floating, radiant, yellow star appeared before him illuminating part of the dark woods. Mango starred at it with a lot of curiosity and care as he had never seen a star so up close as this one.

The star called out his name as if she knew who he was but Mango was still in shock for what he was seeing. The star got closer and closer to him until she dried Mango’s tears with her warmth. She continued by illuminating Mango’s way back home and protecting him from all dangers in the woods without him even noticing. Mango starred at the star the entire way back home as if he were compelled by the bright light that she projected. The star knew Mango had a pure soul and wanted to reward him for that which is why she guided his soul to a beautiful place in which he could be happy and eat as many mangos as he desired. At the end of the journey that the star led Mango to he found a portal to a world in which his unique soul could be happy and protected in without being made fun of.

The truth is that Mango had been taken hunting with his father and the rest of the foxes for the first time that night. Unfortunately, the tribe had been attacked by mountain lions and Mango had not known how to defend himself . The star that Mango had found in the woods was making sure that his soul was led to a place which he belonged to from the beginning. His innocent soul never had a clue as to what had actually happened.