This experience was very interesting because I had never ever used plaster to create anything besides to cover holes on my walls. I had no idea of how I was supposed to build a plaster casting of my hand which is why I had to follow the process really carefully in order to be successful. However, I did enjoy this activity because it was different than what we usually do as college students. We tend to forget that we can create so many other amazing things with our hands besides MLA formatted papers. When the plaster in my mold dried up after about 30 minutes of waiting and I got to finally dig out my hand cast it reminded me a lot about making pots or figures out of ceramic only difference was that plaster made the process so much quicker. I definitely learned something new in this project and I will be attempting to make bigger and neater version but this time a cast of my arm to be able place in my room as a jewelry holder. I had a lot of fun building this cast and going to the beach at night which is something I don’t do very often especially when its 40 degrees out.