My ideal plan for my life as of now is to become a legal court interpreter. In order to achieve this which is my plan #1 I need to stay in school for the next three years. I plan on graduating in the year 2021 and receiving my Bachelors degree in Spanish language. After that I plan on completing a certificate program and perhaps look for a few internships to be able to become a candidate for a legal interpretation job. This will get me a job as a translator and I will make enough money to travel to Venice, Italy which is a place I’ve always dreamt about visiting but never had the money to do it. After coming back from my trip I plan to continue working until I am capable of moving out of my parents house and paying for my own place. Once I am living on my own under somewhat stable conditions I would like to attempt to upgrade my job at this point and look for an open position interpreting in better courts. At this point I would like to get married and find someone who is interested in building together and settling down. After the wedding I would like to buy a home together in which we could have our first kid in and continue to grow a family and take some time off. Once I make sure that my family will be stable I want to go back to the courts and continue interpreting full time which can help me save money for the future. I want to have enough money saved for the education of my children and for possible family trips. Continuing working full time will not only help me raise extra money but it will help me gain more experience. This experience will help me get a future raise and give me the opportunity to get side jobs apart from my job.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Gomez who graduated college at only 24 years old as a spanish major. She talked about how she was really excited a first because she got an internship during her senior year of college as an interpreter at the court of San Bernardino. At first the interpretation went well until she realized that at a point the job got too personal. She discussed how it got boring in the long run but the money she was making was paying off for it. She advised that I too try out internships before deciding that interpreting is what I really want to do. Ms. Gomez told me that just because she found the job boring didn’t mean I would too.

If translating disappeared tomorrow my plan #2 would be to become a spanish teacher. This plan might be slightly easier than the first one because I would stay in school and find an internship in teaching. I am not as confident in teaching as I am with interpreting but I would try it anyway. Once I graduate and start teaching my first goal after obtaining a full time job would have to be to purchase a nicer car than what I have now. I would then save money and move out of my parents house and get a place with a roommate. By this time I would want to get married and have a kid because I wouldn’t want to delay starting my own family. As a teacher I would be able to take a few months off to recover from that. I would then continue teaching and then spend a summer traveling with the family to Hawaii. After a few years of teaching I should have obtained a raise which would be enough to purchase a home.

For this plan I interviewed one of my spanish teachers which I had in high school. She began teaching right after graduating college as well. She recommended that I begin talking to teachers from different school districts if teaching is what I am interested in. She told me that from her experience she always came back to the high school that she attended to let the teachers know who you are and be able to recommend you when you are ready to apply for the position. Additionally, in regards to teaching she said the hardest years would probably be my first 2-3 years as I am figuring out a plan as to how to run a classroom and after I figure out what works and doesn’t I should use some of the same ideas to teach every year after that.

If I was financially secure to do anything I wanted to do with my life helping poor families in need around the world would be my plan #3. I would strive to obtain a higher education and take the time to learn multiple languages and learn about different cultures. I would gather a team who would be interested on helping me provide assistance to less fortunate families around the world. This team would also help me look for sponsors to be able to assists families that need assistance with housing, food, and typical everyday supplies without having to worry about financial limitations. I would like to document my entire experience through this time as I travel around the world to countries that I’ve never even heard of but are going through great suffrage that is unknown to our society. After I had gathered enough experiences I would like to turn my journey into a book in which I write about the ways in which we can all change someone’s life if we commit to it. With the money that I obtain from selling this book I would like to start my own foundation which would automatically continue to benefit the families whose needs are immediate. After making sure that I had made a change in the world I would like to begin my own family and make the foundation that I started a family tradition which my kids can follow and their kids and so on.