For this week’s activity which was graffiti writing I decided to paint at the Venice Art Walls. This has been my favorite activity so far because it was very different from the others and I honestly never thought I would be drawing graffiti anywhere. Going to Venice Beach and looking for the art walls was a mission because I had to walk for like 15 minutes just find them. It felt nice going to Venice Beach since I hadn’t been there in a while and I really enjoy the vibe there. However, once I got to the Art Walls I almost didn’t know where to even start writing because I didn’t want to mess up anyone’s art and writing anywhere just felt illegal. Luckily, I met some graffiti artist there that where covering a few spots with white paint to start drawing themselves and offered to paint a small spot with white paint for me so that I could graffiti on. You can see one of the artists in the background of my picture which I thanked for their kind offer. As I started writing my name I felt kind of embarrassed because there was so many talented artists around me and I was not as good but I did it anyway!! I also took some time to appreciate the drawings at the Art Walls which happened to be very beautiful this weekend. In conclusion, I enjoyed graffiti drawing because it was not only different but it was definitely out of my comfort zone but I am so glad I did it.