Artist: Stevan Dupus
Exhibition: Queery
Media: paintings, oils on canvas, cold wax
Gallery: LBSU School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Instagram: @stevandupisarts

This week I had the pleasure of meeting another great artist, Stevan Dupus who currently attends CSULB and has been working on his undergraduate for three years. He is part of the drawing and painting school of arts program at CSULB and hopes to one day become a painting professor. He actually got to teach an intro to art course at the university and said that it was everything he had hoped for because of his huge love for art. In this exhibition Queer he hoped to represent the different codes of the gay community. This exhibition was actually a documentary of his experiences after living in San Diego for about 20 years which he claimed was a very important place to him. However, he is from Kansas City and moved to California when he was 23 where he found affordable education to embrace his love for the arts.

To begin with, the exhibition was made up of seven different art pieces all made by Stevan Dupus himself. During our conversation he mentioned that they were all oils on canvas as well as cold wax. Most of his paintings were very big with really vibrant colors. They all displayed people hanging out in bars or clubs with a lot of lights, glitter, and color surrounding them. Even though his paintings were big you had to come up close to take a look at the small details and messages each one of them held. There was a pattern in a couple of his paintings in which he displayed colorful striped shadows of people to represent different flags in the gay community which I found very interesting.

Additionally, as I spoke to Stevan he discussed that throughout his paintings he hoped to share some of his experiences. For him his work was a documentation of his experiences from important places in his life like San Diego where he lived for 20 years where he used to attend certain bars regularly which are some of the ones displayed in his work. He mentioned that he misses a few of the things about San Diego but that he is glad he came to California because its where he acquired the education to focus on developing art that represented who he was.

In conclusion, one of the things I enjoyed about Stevan’s art paintings was that he expressed who he was through them. He was not afraid as an artist to explain the history and inspiration behind this exhibition. One of the paintings that caught my attention the most was one called “Glitter is the Herpes of The Gay Community” and as pointed it out to Stevan and asked him why he had used glitter in that particular one his response was because you can’t get rid of glitter once you use it which I thought was an interesting way of connecting the techniques used in his paintings to the gay community. Overall, I consider Stevan a very talented artist I really enjoyed his exhibition because it not only demonstrated his techniques as an artist but was a documentary of some of his real life experiences.