At times when I thought about art I thought about paintings and museums before taking this course, and from my past perspective art was only those perfect pieces that stood in museums and were not allowed to be touched. However, after taking this course I have learned that art is actually all that surrounds me and that it is everything but perfect. I have learned that something does not have to be beautiful in order to be art and that the word beautiful has a bigger meaning than we often think it does. During this semester as we discussed what the word beautiful meant I learned that the word beautiful can mean something different to everyone since there is no concrete definition of what something beautiful is supposed to look like. I kept this class conversation in mind all semester long as I practiced art and created my own art projects. At times as I worked on my finger painting and plaster casting projects I felt as if I was doing something wrong the entire time. The reality is that we get so accustomed to receiving and following specific instructions that we forget that we can create them ourselves and be unique authors of our art pieces. Art can be anything you make as long as you believe that it should be considered art. Another thing I learned about art came from the art conversations I had with different artists at the galleries this semester. From them I learned to look beyond an art piece and try to understand the messages or hidden meanings behind it. A lot of the exhibitions at the galleries had a bigger purpose than to display art that looked nice but rather to tell the viewer about something they may have not known by just looking at it. I also learned that art is different for everyone and our visions of how to create art is all different. The artists conversations were one of my favorite activities from this course because even though I was terrified of talking to people at first as the weeks went by, I enjoyed it even more because I learned new perspectives from every artist I met there. Additionally, these experiences have taught me that art is all about looking at things from multiple perspectives. That I must do this not only while I create art but in everything I do because it is all around me. Art can be found anywhere even in the smallest and simplest ways even when we do not realize it. I think about art more than I used to because this class has taught me to do that and to find purpose in all that surrounds me.  In conclusion, I plan on finding different ways to continue applying art to my life. For example, keep working on creative projects such as the plaster casting and finger-painting projects that allow me to express more of who I am rather than following instructions that I may not like. Also continue attending galleries and speaking with artists and different people to understand other ways in which people may view art. There is so much more to art than we think there is, and this course has helped me become the author of my own life and create unique things that I create the own meaning to. I am glad that I took this course because it was different, and I ended up learning things I never knew held so much importance.